Minami: S.M.A.R.T. Choice!

At Minami we fully understand that we need to fulfil the expectations of health-conscious individuals.

That is why we developed an extensive range of hexane free omega-3 supplements of which each and every one offers the highest purity, concentration and quality. They are produced in a fully ecological way.

Instead of simply 
being known as good, 
we are recognized 
as being the best.

We market fish oils of pharmaceutical quality and produce these according to a strict European environmental standard.

Minami uses a patented eco-friendly production method (supercritical CO2 technology) praised by renowned scientists. This enables us to obtain maximum concentrations of omega-3 and an unrivaled purity. 

We use the most advanced production method to answer the high expectations of our loyal customers.

To choose Minami is to choose SMART

Supercritical omega-3 protection
Maximum concentration
Advanced and proven formula
Refined into ultra-pureness
Technology with eco-care

The Minami Supercritical CO2 distillation process

Minami oils are produced with significantly less heat exposure in comparison with other brands.

Molecular distillation by other brands

Interested in vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes?

For more than 25 years, Pure Encapsulations produces high-value nature identical pure substances. That is why we are recognized as the original in the field of pure micronutrients.

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